PhD candidate/Early Career Researcher for the project “Theory of Stackelberg evolutionary games for cancer treatment”

Within the European Training Networks project EvoGamesPlus (Evolutionary Game Theory and Population Dynamics: From Theory to Applications, grant agreement number 955708), carried out between a consortium of 14 EU beneficiaries and 15 partner organisations from all over the world, we are looking for a suitable candidate for a PhD position. This PhD candidate, hosted at the Dynamic Game Theory (DGT) team within the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Maastricht University, will develop a basic framework of Stackelberg evolutionary games for cancer treatment, based on the initial work of the DGT team and collaborators. This involves the analysis of equilibria in these games (evolutionary stable strategies among cancer cells as followers in this game and Stackelberg equilibria between the physician as the leader and cancer cells as followers), but also their transient dynamics and other dynamical properties. 

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