Highlights Extended Stay Support Scheme

This year, financial support is proposed to participants of HIGHLIGHTS 2022 coming from far away and wishing to extend their stay to visit some research center close to Paris.  

Highlights is an annual conference with the goal of integrating the community of researchers working on logic, games and automata. The 2022 edition of Highlights will happen from June 28th to July 1st, 2022, in Paris, France. The conference will be hosted by Université de Paris, and happen on the site of Grands Moulins.

Just like other conferences in the field, Highlights proposes tutorials and invited talks. However the contributed talks are just ten minutes long, allowing participants to get an overview of a wide range of different topics in a short amount of time. Additionally, authors are encouraged to prepare posters about their work, which are then presented and discussed in poster sessions.

Highlights is an informal event which will take place on-site (barring unforeseen circumstances), and the preferred form of participation is to give your talk in-person. Highlights is mostly intended for a local community of participants who can attend with a limited carbon footprint (e.g., no plane travel). Before coming from further away, please review how your trip and international flights are contributing to climate change. If you do come, we encourage you to make the most of your stay in Paris, e.g., by also attending the ICALP’22 conference and/or using this opportunity for a research visit (see below).

Conference website:https://highlights-conference.org/2022/


If you are coming from far away to attend Highlights and wish to do a research visit while in Paris, we have a scheme in place to help you secure financial support for your visit, by listing laboratories close to Paris who can consider funding such visits. This is the Highlights extended stay support scheme (HESSS). The following laboratories are participating in the scheme:

    -École normale supérieure (Paris), VALDA team, contact: Pierre Senellart
    -Télécom Paris (Palaiseau, greater Paris), DIG team, contact: Antoine Amarilli
    -IRIF (Paris), contact: Thomas Colcombet
    -CRIStAL (Lille, France), contact: Sophie Tison
    -Université de Mons (Mons, Belgium), contact: Véronique Bruyère
    -LaBRI (Bordeaux, France), M2F team, contact: Hugo Gimbert
    -IGM (Marne-la-Vallée, France), contact: Claire David
    -LMF (Orsay, France), contact: Dietmar Berwanger
    -CRIL (Lens, France), contact: Stefan Mengel
    -IRISA (Rennes), SUMO team, contact: Nathalie Bertrand
    -Move team, Laboratoire d’Informatique et Systèmes (Marseilles, France), contact: Pierre-Alain Reynier


To apply, you should first contact a collaborator in these laboratories, with whom you are already working or would like to discuss. Once you have a collaborator, the two of you should get in touch with the laboratory contact listed above, Cc’ing the Highlights organizers Antoine Amarilli. You should indicate the planned dates of the visit, the broad theme, and the country of origin of the visitor.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and should be sent as early as possible, and no later than April 15th. The funding may cover accommodation and transportation from Paris by train. This scheme is only available for participants at the Highlights conference, for dates just before or after Highlights. We stress that it is not intended to cover the expenses of attending the Highlights conference itself, or attending the ICALP’22 conference.

Submission: March 18th
Notification: April 1st
HESSS applications: April 15th
Registration: TBA
Conference: June 28-July 1st, 2022