2nd Paris Workshop on Games, Decisions, and Language – June 13-14, 2024 – CALL for Contributions

The second edition of the Paris Workshop on Games, Decisions, and Language will take place this coming Spring, June 13-14, 2024:


This year’s topic « Language Games » is again at the intersection of game theory, linguistics, and philosophy. Keynote lectures shall be pronounced, among others, by

Ariel Rubinstein (economics), and 

Roni Katzir (linguistics).

If you want to give a talk at this event, please write to one of the organizers,

Chantal Marlats (chantal.marlats@u-paris2.fr) or Christina Pawlowitsch (christina.pawlowitsch@u-paris2.fr)

As this workshop focuses on a rather specialized research program, we would be happy to welcome recurrent speakers.

Also, we would like to bring to your attention that there is a special issue of The International Journal of Game Theory

on Games, Decisions, and Language

(guest editors: P Egré, C Pawlowitsch, J Sobel, B Spector, B von Stengel)

now open for submissions:


Kind regards,

Christina Pawlowitsch

for the organizers