Postdoc and engineer positions opened in LaBRI, Bordeaux

Dear colleagues,

two positions are opened in Bordeaux at LaBRI (

* a postdoc position (one year)
* a research engineer position (one year, renewable)

The positions are funded by the labcom "Parcoursup", 
focusing on research topics related to Parcoursup (
These include social choice and game theory,
in particular the strategic aspects of bipartite matching.

For the postdoc position, a phd in maths or CS is required, on topics related to the labcom.
For the engineer position, a strong background in programming and data science is required.
Inquiries and applications should be sent to 

The selection process will actively recognize diversity and embrace a wide range of qualities and perspectives
that candidates bring to the project.

Full applications should contain:

- a detailed CV 
- for the postdoc position: 
	list of publications
	a short research statement
	letters of recommendation and/or name and email address of two scientists willing to support the application.

Best regards,
Hugo Gimbert