Open PhD position at IMT Atlantique – « Study of interactions between IA systems in cybersecurity using game theory »

Study of interactions between IA systems in cybersecurity using game theory

DescriptionIn our increasingly-connected world, the design as well as the prevention of cyberattacks can make use of more and more resources—human, financial, and technological. Cybersecurity has indeed turned into a race to exploit on one side, and to stop on the other side, the unavoidable security breaches that come with the complexity of existing and upcoming systems and services. It is therefore natural that each actor seeks to use the most powerful tools available, that include Artificial Intelligence (IA) methods, to build complex attack (e.g., silent intrusion in the target system with parsimonious data extraction) and defense (e.g., control measures) strategies.The goal of this thesis is to study the possible outcomes from such interactions, where each player—attacker and defender—employs AI methods to adapt their strategy to their opponent’s. For that purpose, we intend to apply the framework and tools from game theory, through mathematical models of the situation (strategy definition, utility functions, knowledge state) for which we will look for equilibrium solutions.
Cybersecurity; Artificial Intelligence; Game Theory; Non-cooperative games; Optimization

The candidate will work at the SRCD department of IMT Atlantique, Rennes, and at the IRT B<>Com, Rennes, France. The working language will be French or English. The expected startup date is October 1, 2021, but may however be flexible and can be chosen by the candidate in consultation with Yann Busnel, Stéphane Paquelet, and Patrick Maillé.

The candidate must have a solid background in algorithmic and be familiar with applied mathematics, in particular probability and statistics. The position would fit well for a student with an M.S. in computer science (ideally, with a specialization in cybersecurity) and/or applied mathematics. A good knowledge of coding (Python, Matlab, or other similar programming language) and of cybersecurity concepts is also essential.Some knowledge of distributed systems would be appreciated.

How to apply and/or get further information
Applicants must submit official academic records for their bachelor and masters education. It is a requirement to hold a masters or an equivalent degree for being considered for this position. At least two references (name, position, e-mail, and telephone number) should be included in the application.
Candidates should send by e-mail a CV and a statement of purpose to: Yann Busnel – IMT Atlantique, Rennes campus
Stéphane Paquelet – IRT B<>Com
Patrick Maillé – IMT Atlantique, Rennes campus